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About us

Who we are

LivinDigital, through a long-term cooperation with a number of companies of all sizes, has developed the required experience by providing upgraded and highly specialized and aesthetic services in the field of web development and design (web design, creation of e-shop, digital marketing).

Our goal

Our goal is to develop mutual trust with those who turn to us, which always leads to the ideal result.

Our work

By exploiting all technological capabilities, combined with moves characterized by strategy and detail, we turn every requirement into an opportunity for a unique and efficient result, tailored to your needs.


Web design

For LivinDigital, the construction of a quality website in every respect, which will directly refer to a premium product, is the absolute priority. Putting in detail in application all digital capabilities, we create a functional website, modern and with high aesthetics, adapted to each device.

Construction of e-shop

At LivinDigital we design and construct in an organized and methodical way your online store, tailored to the needs of your business. Compatible with the modern requirements in the field of e-commerce as well as given the effective functionality and the careful design, we create your online presence while ensuring all transactions.

Social media

At LivinDigital we take advantage of the significant value of Social Media as a means of communication and promotion of each company. With strategic creation and systematic management of Social Media, we lay the foundations of a successful online presence of your business that stands out. It is your own followers who will place your business in a position of superiority over the rest.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Success for us is the growth of your clientele, so the promotion of your online presence will be a consequence and parallel to its construction. A key tool in this goal is the optimization of your website based on the principles of Search Engine Optimization - SEO, which contributes to the improvement of the organic ranking of the website in the search engines.

Online Marketing

At LivinDigital we employ every possible means to promote your business. So with a series of promotions we aim to increase the traffic of your website and thus strengthen your brand and increase your sales. These actions shall include, inter alia:

  • Google Ads, creating a continuous flow of visitors to your site based on their Google searches
  • E-mail marketing to promote the company through personalized and group messages
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    It is a form, one of the most specialized, suitable to the needs of any company, that fully responds to every need.

    It is a given that LivinDigital will be present at every request of yours regarding future expansion or reformation in the direction of an optimization, such as adding additional language, at any time.

    In LininDigital there is the care, through a flexible support package that includes a variety of services. Our presence is taken for granted after the end of any kind of digital provision.

    LivinDigital always provides high aesthetic services. With years of experience and specialization in quality design, the result will be qualitative and stand out.

    The connection of the e-shop with your warehouse system will be a consequence of the construction, something that will be ensured through a seamless cooperation to achieve the best result.

     LivinDigital has as a principle the immediate satisfaction of your digital requests. Indicatively, about 20 working days are enough to deliver the result, after taking into account all the required parameters (use of photos, etc.).

    Take the first step towards acquiring your online presence today!